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Our Academy features all the facilities required for developing Badminton skills and overall fitness.


6 courts with very high quality Badminton mats designed by Victor Sports (model C-7058). These mats are laid on a base of teak wood which provides additional cushioning to improve the playing experience.



Providing healthy food for your pre-game and post-game nutrition needs. We have a small sitting area where you can hang out with your friends, or wait for your child’s training session to get over.


Retail Shop

For all your badminton needs, from strings and grips to shoes, rackets, and kit bags. We also have our own Victor VE-50 Pro electronic racket stringing machine  which ensures a much more uniform tension and protects the life of your racket. Our stringing machine can also string Tennis and Squash rackets.


Fitness Studio

A fully equipped gym with cardio and strength training equipment for all your fitness needs. Our highly skilled trainers are available to help you achieve your goals, may it be muscle building, weight loss, or injury rehabilitation. We also provide specialized training for elite athletes looking to elevate their fitness to the next level



For players and coaches travelling from other parts of India or the world.

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